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Massage Therapy, Professional Massage Somerville


Regular massage enhances general health and well-being by ...

Promoting deep relaxation and reducing stress— taking your body off high alert and setting the biological processes in motion needed to restore your physical resources.

Decreasing heart rate and blood pressure, slowing and deepening your breathing and helping tense muscles relax.  Aiding digestion and enabling restorative functions to return to normal.

Relaxing muscle spasms, relieving tension by releasing endorphins ( the body's own natural pain killers) and restoring proper blood supply to contracted muscles.

Strengthening the immune system and facilitating disease prevention.  Improving circulation, clearing out accumulated stress hormones and waste products that can make you feel sore and tired.

Increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the body.  Enhancing the quality of restful sleep, giving your body the chance to further repair itself and restore energy levels.

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